Industrial IoT

Industrial IoT environmental monitoring solutions for a variety of businesses

Aranet offers industrial IoT environmental monitoring solutions for a variety of businesses, making it easy to collect and analyze real-time data. Discover all the ways Aranet can help your company take wireless monitoring to the next level!


Solutions & Applications

Poultry and Livestock

Fresh air is vital for health and well-being for birds and other animals in farms. Improve their quality of life and productivity by measuring ammonia gas (NH3), carbon dioxide (CO2), temperature and humidity with our easy to use wireless sensors.

Aranet offers easy installation process anywhere – a great improvement over wired sensor. With Aranet wireless sensors you can ensure the best environmental conditions for your animals and as well as increase your profits in the livestock and poultry industry.



Ensure the best growth conditions for yield by monitoring temperature, humidity, light, carbon dioxide (CO2), weight, soil moisture, stem diameter and other important parameters measured by Aranet!

Aranet is an eye-opener – easily and wirelessly gathering more data points will help you optimize growth conditions and increase greenhouse yield by substantial amounts.

How to Achieve 20% Yield with Aranet Wireless Technologies
Wireless monitoring in greenhouse


Maximize profits by saving money with reduced food waste through improving quality control in storage facilities and production rooms.

Centralized data aggregation saves time and money by eliminating potential human error and saving time previously spent on manual data gathering. Optimize costs with the help of Aranet!

Temperature & Humidity monitoring for supermarkets
Wireless monitoring for cold storage applications
Wireless monitoring for supermarket & grocery store applications


Ensure best storage conditions for different types of goods!

Aranet temperature and humidity monitoring solutions allow remote viewing, analysing and comparing of the data ensuring the best quality control and adaptable settings for each client’s needs. Set different alert thresholds for all the Aranet sensors and receive warnings via SMS or E-mail any time of the day.

How to monitor warehouse temperature & humidity effectively

Building Management & Data Center

Take HVAC systems to the next level with Aranet IoT monitoring solutions! Aranet can be integrated with existing equipment and wireless sensors can be deployed without extra installation expenses. Save costs on heating and air conditioning for places like hospitals, schools and museums, data centers, pharmacies, hotels, restaurants, office buildings, vacant properties.

Aranet provides wireless monitoring solutions for precise temperature, humidity and CO2 measurements. Receive alert notifications via e-mail or SMS when something needs attention.

Temperature and humidity for data center
Wireless Temperature Monitoring for Energy Efficiency Optimization

Medical Solution

Aranet Medical Thermometers are specially made for remote monitoring of patients’ body temperature. The high-quality monitoring system is distinguished by fast and convenient system installation, accuracy, and automatic collection of patients’ temperature data. The innovative solution greatly helps in limiting in-patient visits and reducing the staff workload at the time when medical staff is battling COVID-19 pandemic.

Wide scale Wireless Body Temperature Monitoring Solution for Hospitals Battling COVID-19

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