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We create real Smart Homes

Our company specializes in the design and installation of smart home systems that enable your home to operate autonomously providing homeowners security, comfort, convenience, and energy efficiency.

We partner with multiple leading industry manufacturers offering high quality and reliable products for your home while remaining cost effective and affordable.

Our systems are highly versatile and expandable, allowing us to meet and exceed the increasing and altering needs of the home occupants at any given time. Our smart building solutions are also available for commercial applications.

Design & Consulting Supply & Distribution Installation & Maintenance

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Smart Devices

Our company offers a wide selection of smart home devices including glass & plastic switches, multi-control units with mini displays, in-wall touch screens, smart lighting units, presence sensors, doorbells, multizone audio server, video distribution, weather station, audio & home cinema systems and more.

Smart Home Key Features

Smartphone Application

Your smart home server is always connected to your smartphone through a dedicated easy-to-use application enabling you to control your entire smart home anytime-anywhere.

Voice Control

Using your phone’s virtual assistant (i.e. Siri, Alexa) you can send commands to control lights, shutters, air-conditioning, heating, music etc.

Home Modes

Home Modes involve a sequence of actions, that can be activated with a click of a button and can be fully customized to your needs. For example, the Coming Home mode can turn on the lights at night-time, open the garage door and turn on the air conditioning. Popular modes: Coming/Leaving Home, Day/Night & Holiday mode.